As a Priest, Author and Activist, Malcolm Boyd's remarkable personal journey has traced the most volatile and important moments in America's cultural and spiritual evolution over the last seventy years.

From his early days as a Hollywood Producer (partners with the legendary Mary Pickford), to becoming the '60s radical "Coffeehouse Priest" and best-selling author, Malcolm's story weaves through the violent beginnings of the Freedom Movement, the contentious eruptions against the Vietnam War, and the current struggle for social, income and marriage equality.

Now his compelling life is the focus of a feature-length film portrait.

Please join us in the celebration and production.

Meet Malcolm Boyd


This film is being produced with Malcolm Boyd's full participation, by noted author

and scholar Mark Thompson, and award-winning filmmaker, Andrew Thomas.

The Production

"Disturber Of The Peace" is proud to feature the participation of an eclectic group of activists, musicians, and academics, including...


Peter Yarrow

Len Chandler

Richard English – Howard University

Harvey Cox – Harvard Divinity School

Lily Tomlin

Bishop Jon Bruno

Charles Neblett – SNCC

Tom Hayden

Roscoe Jones

Penny Liuzzo

Paul Krassner

Holly Near

Kevin Brownlow

Woodie King, Jr.

Don Bachardy

Sunny Ridell

Barbara Ware

Leng Lim

Bishop Chet Talton

Charles Gompertz

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